The Intramural program strives for the enhancement of the Saint Michael's College community by providing a resource of friendly competition that will promote sportsmanship, teamwork and camaraderie. As a cost-free alternative to varsity athletics, the Intramurals program stresses participation and enjoyment of competition for all students who are interested in staying active, fit and healthy. Tournaments are scheduled throughout the academic year.

Intramurals Programming
Fall 2019

Key Dates:
IM OLYMPICS: Sunday, 9/1

  • 4-8 p.m.
  • Compete to be the Olympic Champion of Saint Michael's! Teams will compete in a variety of sports throughout the afternoon. Meet friends, compete for prizes, have fun!

SESSION 1: Week of 9/2 – Week of 9/30

  • Soccer (Co-Ed)
  • Basketball (Men’s)
  • Basketball (Co-Ed)
  • Dodgeball (Co-Ed)

SESSION 2: Week of 10/14 – Week of 11/22

  • Indoor Soccer (Co-Ed)
  • Floor Hockey (Co-Ed)
  • Basketball (Co-Ed)
  • Basketball (Men’s)
  • Walleyball (Co-Ed)

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Wendy Elles
Intramural Co-Director

Alex Smith
Intramural Co-Director



Saint Michael's offers many recreational activities to its students, including weekly classes in fitness, yoga, Zumba, cardio step, and strength and conditioning. For more information and a schedule of events, please contact Recreation Sports Coordinator Carla Hesler at (802) 654-2634 or