What is TBC?
TBC stands for "Together we stand. Be the best we can be. Clear the blurred lines." We work to educate our community about sexual violence, open up the conversation through a peer facilitated discussion, and hopefully work to shift the culture on college campuses.

TBC works in collaboration with the Saint Michael's College Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) and was founded during the 2019-20 school year by student-athletes Alyssa Breunig '20 (women's basketball), Molly Nemes '21 (women's cross country) and Victoria Zambello '21 (women's soccer).

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2020-21 TBC Leadership Team

Molly Nemes, Senior, Co-Founder/Peer Facilitator

Major: International Relations
Sport: Women's Cross Country

Victoria Zambello, Senior, Co-Founder/Peer Facilitator

Majors: Sociology and Media Studies, Journalism & Digital Arts
Sport: Women's Soccer


Brandon Mitchell - Saint Michael's College

Dan Fortier, Senior, Peer Facilitator

Majors: Mathematics and Data Science
Sport: Men's Swimming & Diving


Nate Imbergamo, Junior, Peer Facilitator

Major: Business Administration
Sport: Men's Swimming & Diving


 Andrew Olevitz - Saint Michael's College

Andrew Olevitz, Senior, Peer Facilitator

Major: Business Administration
Sport: Men's Ice Hockey


Alvi Rodriguez, Senior, Peer Facilitator

Majors: Economics and Mathematics
Men's Basketball


Maggie Taylor, Junior, Peer Facilitator

Majors: Economics and Political Science
Sport: Women's Soccer

Hope Hiscock, Sophomore, Social Media Co-Coordinator

Major: Biology
Sport: Softball


Melanie Roberge, Senior, Social Media Co-Coordinator

Major: Media Studies, Journalism & Digital Arts
Sport: Women's Soccer