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What is SAAC?
The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is a student-led group consisting of members from each of our 21 varsity sports, including an executive board. Saint Michael’s SAAC has four main focuses, including: NCAA Legislation, Community Service, Campus Engagement and Leadership. Through each of these four themes, SAAC has a commitment to both the Saint Michael’s and surrounding communities, but also to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The group meets monthly and discusses the student-athlete experience, NCAA legislative proposals, and also plans and implements fundraisers and activities for the campus and local community. Saint Michael’s SAAC is committed to enhancing the student-athlete experience through the voice of student-athletes as well as using this platform to engage the local and campus communities.

Our SAAC Division II Mission Statement
To enhance the overall student-athlete experience by giving opportunities to student-athletes, protecting student-athlete welfare, and creating and fostering a united and positive student-athlete image.

Division II SAAC Guiding Principles
The Division II SAAC will be guided by the following principles: ethics, integrity, fairness and respect for diversity, which shall include attention to gender, race, ethnicity and sport.

Governing Rule
We, as the NCAA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, will ultimately hold one another accountable for all actions, particularly those actions taking place during the SAAC meetings.

Social Media
The SMC SAAC is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Follow us to see what we're up to!

2020-21 SMC SAAC Executive Board 

Dan Fortier, Senior, President

Majors: Mathematics and Data Science
Sport: Men's Swimming & Diving

Ethan Hendrickson - Saint Michael's College

Ethan Hendrickson, Senior, Co-Vice President

Major: Business Administration
Sport: Men's Ice Hockey

Victoria Zambello, Senior, Co-Vice President

Majors: Sociology and Media Studies, Journalism & Digital Arts
Sport: Women's Soccer

Shelagh Fluharty, Senior, Secretary

Major: Neuroscience
Sport: Field Hockey

Nicole Anderson, Senior, Social Media Co-Coordinator

Majors: Business Administration and Sociology
Sport: Women's Basketball


Max Rossignol, Junior, Social Media Co-Coordinator

Majors: Economics and Business Administration
Sport: Men's Soccer


Shannon Murray, Junior, SGA Secretary of Athletics
(Spring Semester)

Major: Biochemistry
Sport: Women's Lacrosse

 Brandon Mitchell - Saint Michael's College

Brandon Mitchell, Senior, SGA Secretary of Athletics
(Fall Semester)

Majors: Business Administration and Accounting
Sport: Men's Ice Hockey

Dan Favicchio '21, Alex Mendez '21
Men’s Basketball
Walker Storey '21, Jontai Williams '22
Women’s Basketball
Nicole Anderson '21, Anika Kapral '23, Danielle Scaperrotta '23
Men’s Cross Country
James Downs '22, Liam Gay-Killeen '22
Women’s Cross Country
Eleanor Devereux '22, Colleen Tubridy '22, Grace Erholtz '23
Field Hockey
Shelagh Fluharty '21, Jess Edmonds '22, Erickson Richard '23
Men's Golf
Connor Morse '21, Owen O'Malley '22, Brendan Locke '23
Men’s Ice Hockey
Ethan Hendrickson '21, Brandon Mitchell '21, Matt Egan '22
Women’s Ice Hockey
Abby Dirks '21, MacRae McCarthy '21, Gabriella Dicomitis '22
Men’s Lacrosse
Justin Richmond '20, Joseph Gerardi '21
Women’s Lacrosse
Ashley Turner '21, Jordy Fenton '22, Peyton Edwards '23
Alpine Skiing
Christian Gallagher '22, Magnolia Neu '22, Max Noddings '23
Nordic Skiing
Emma Bellefleur '21, Gaelan Boyle-Wight '22, Mikey Halligan '22
Men’s Soccer
Max Rossignol '22, Javi Milvaques '23, Omar Alers Rivera '24
Women’s Soccer
Mackenzie Day '21, Victoria Zambello '21, Dora Barrett '22
Sydney Longley '21, Marissa Carignan '23
Men’s Swimming & Diving
Dan Fortier '21, Trevor Johnson '24, Lucas Petruzziello '24
Women’s Swimming & Diving
Emma Jane Tagliaferro '23, Mary Kohn '24
Men’s Tennis
Ivan Llona '22, Jason Boucher '23
Women’s Tennis
Abby Edelmann '22, Elly McKenna '22, Bree Cotroneo '23
Women's Volleyball
Molly Clarke '21, Katy Konow '21, Brigid Heinrich '23