Saint Michael's Tennis Courts

Saint Michael's has played on the tennis courts located just north of the Quad since 1950 - before the adjacent buildings had been completed, and before the College acquired the nearby land from Vermont National Guard headquarters Camp Johnson that now houses the Doc Jacobs Field Complex.

Men's and Women's Tennis

The College's four lighted outdoor courts are nestled between the campus' main road, the 300s Townhouses, the Bergeron Education Center and a shrub-covered chain-link fence that separates the Doc Jacobs Field Complex from the rest of campus.

The courts are surrounded on all four sides by wind-screen-covered chain-link fences. While no permanent seating is in place, a seating area for spectators is available on the grass on the north side of the courts, next to the Doc Jacobs Field Complex fence.

Prior to the current courts being constructed, courts existed across campus near Founders Hall between 1906 and 1946. The Quad, four dorms located just across the street, was not completed until after the courts opened. The courts narrowly predate Ryan Hall (1951), while construction on Alumni (1955), Lyons (1959) and Joyce (1961) halls began during the decade that followed. Construction on the Bergeron Education Center did not begin until 1978.

When the courts are unavailable due to inclement weather, the tennis teams play and practice in the Tarrant Recreation Center.