George "Doc" Jacobs Field Complex

Duffy Field and the Doc Jacobs baseball and softball fields are located within the grounds of the George "Doc" Jacobs Field Complex, which has been in use since 1989. The grounds, which are located on land owned by Vermont National Guard headquarters Camp Johnson, also comprise part of the course for home cross country races.

The Purple Knights previously called the current 300s Field home, which was dedicated on June 24, 1984, in the memory of the legendary George "Doc" Jacobs. Jacobs served Purple Knight Athletics as a coach and athletic director from 1947 to 1968.

The statue dedicated to Jacobs at the entrance of the complex reads:

George W. "Doc" Jacobs Athletic Field
Dedicated to George "Doc" Jacobs for the 21 years he served the students of St. Michael's College as athletic director, coach, teacher and exemplary gentleman during the years
1947 - 1968

Baseball (Doc Jacobs Field)
Field Hockey (Duffy Field)
Men's and Women's Lacrosse (Duffy Field)
Men's and Women's Soccer (Duffy Field)
Softball (Doc Jacobs Field)

Prior to Duffy Field being constructed in 2005, the field hockey team played on a natural-grass field located adjacent to the woods and partially in right field on the softball field. Men's and women's lacrosse and soccer also played on a natural-grass field on the plot of land that Duffy Field currently occupies. The vast area in right field on the baseball field serves as a secondary grass practice and competition field, and the former field hockey field continues to serve as a practice area.

Before utilizing the Doc Jacobs Field Complex, men's lacrosse and soccer shared a home on the 300s Field that dated back to 1960, while field hockey and women's lacrosse played on a plot of land directly behind the Ross Sports Center beginning in 1975, the first year of field hockey at the College.

Pets are not allowed in the Doc Jacobs Field Complex.